Expand your media-monitoring scope

Extract actionable business intelligence from the most comprehensive global collection of print and online news sources. Additional news sources are added to the LexisNexis® Metabase API every week, and it’s simple to request custom sources.

Cut through the clutter

Know what news and print sources are saying about your area of interest in near real time. Spot local and global trends.

Drive business insight

Distribute reliable information for strategic planning, faster response to market changes, and informed decision making.

Deliver greater value

Rapidly respond to market fluctuations. Give employees or customers the media coverage they need for market research, business analytics, or commercial redistribution.

Comprehensive content. One API.

Know what they're sayingMake relevant content availableCustomize output with multiple delivery options

Simultaneously monitor up to 4.5 million continuously tracked news articles and social media posts per day in 90+ languages from 235+ countries.

End users can filter and retrieve targeted results based on over 80 tags including geo tags, sentiment, MozRank, and reach. Or perform keyword searches.

Call the Metabase API using HTTP or HTTPS. Receive compressed or uncompressed content, with HTML markup either stripped or intact.

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