Big data. At your command.

Quickly and effectively leverage the world’s largest collection of curated business-critical data. Our powerful APIs make it easy to integrate our unmatched content as Data-as-a-Service. Whether you’re building better decisions, fueling AI/machine learning projects, or monitoring news sources.

LexisNexis Data Integration Solutions.

Meet the APIs

LexisNexis® Web Services Kit

Access rich, actionable data from the world’s leading content aggregator. Get direct, customised access to unmatched legal, news, and business content sources.

LexisNexis® Bulk Content API

Go beyond the news with a large-volume feed of all LexisNexis® publication-level licensed news and legal content.

LexisNexis® Metabase API

Access a constant stream of open web and licensed news-related content from the world’s leading content aggregator. Power your application, platform, research, or analytics with a single XML or JSON schema.

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