In the digital age we can hardly complain about a lack of information. On the contrary, we are inundated with facts every day.

You might think that this mass of data means that we are never without access to answers to any questions or information relevant to strategic business decisions. After all, any information we need is available on the Internet. Or is it?

In the wealth of information, how do we find exactly what we want without wasting scarce time and resources? And how can we sure that the apparently helpful information is also correct and that we are not falling into the fake news trap?

We have compiled a research checklist for you that will provide you with sound and company-relevant research results in three easy stages.

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  • Three risks of a lack of information
  • Good preparation for reliable research
  • Finding the right information
  • The professional source check
  • Filtering the results
  • Global research
  • The power of history
  • Analysing the information
  • Linking research to strategic goals
  • Data cleansing
  • Data visualisation
  • Research reports
  • Sharing the information
  • Information silos
  • The needs of different departments

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