In-depth Knowledge For Successful Completion Of Your Course

To succeed as a student, you need to demonstrate that you have a good grasp of issues in your subject area and can apply your knowledge. A comprehensive and detailed understanding of the chosen topic is key, especially when it comes to seminar papers, student research projects, degree theses and dissertations. Traditionally you can expect your library to contain a great deal of information on which you can base your research.

Alongside the standard books and journals, digital information databases can contain valuable information for your research. This is not a reference to the freely available online search engines; it may seem temptingly easy to use these for research but they are not really suitable for academic work. Because much of the content is user-generated, there is no guarantee that data from Google & co. is accurate or valid.

Help is available in the form of professional research tools that are available in many libraries, in universities and schools and in the offices of public agencies.A successful research paper or successful teaching should be based on reliable data.

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Free Web vs. Deep Web

The freely available Internet includes some material that public search engines cannot access – for example, because it is hidden between paywalls.

So how can we obtain additional and more reliable information, such as articles from print publications, to supplement that which is freely available? The answer lies in the deep web. The deep web is the part of the Internet that cannot be accessed via free search engines. A platform gives users of academic research tools access to a vast quantity of information that is hidden from normal Internet users.

An iceberg illustrates the difference between the free and the deep web. The freely available Internet is the small visible tip of the iceberg.By far the larger part is under water, just as by far the majority of existing information is not visible in the free web.There are not currently any precise figures on the size of the deep web.

Picking out Precisely what you need from a wealth of Information

Academic-researchThe flood of information in the free web is overwhelming.A query typically results in millions of hits – it is impossible to process them all. Wading through these hits in search of high-quality data eats up valuable time.

With the deep web offering vastly more information than the free web, it presents yet another challenge.However, precise filter options enable the results to be sensibly structured and reduced to a quantity that can easily be processed manually.For example, possible filter options include publication type, publication name, news sources, company information, sector information, person information, language and region – and many more besides.

You receive only the hits that are relevant to you and at the same time offer top quality and valid information.

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