Diligence spotter

With Diligence spotter software you can run a complete and international MAL/CTF risk analysis. One that will satisfy both your management and the auditor.

Tailored to your needs

Each company is unique in its operation, your company included. Diligence spotter is tailored to fit the needs of your company's activities. Individual activities that include private banking, corporate service provision, asset management, fund services provision, legal services, insurance company, payment services and software editor.

Diligence spotter Online

Now you can execute a NameCheck against official sanctions lists, Interpol and PEP lists. But that's not all. You can also generate AML and MiFID risk profiles.

Manage risks, cover all the bases

Diligence spotter software not only lets you manage your global MAL/CTF risks, it covers important business aspects that might get overlooked now and again.

Aspects including:

  • Identification and automated BatchNameCheck against sanctions lists, Interpol, PEP and your own downloaded internal list.
  • Access to press releases and articles, thanks to the manual BatchNameCheck.
  • Risk Classification on each client (KYC) according to their geographical exposure, behaviour, activities, client relationship set-up, etc.
  • AML risk monitoring, in accordance to your internal procedures.
  • Transactional monitoring.
  • Individual, detailed and global reports.
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